Aspen Regeneration

Centennial wood products owns a variety of equipment capable of doing both small and large scale projects. We have treated many acres of dead and dying aspen stands on both private and publicly owned property. The results of this treatment can be seen in the accompanying photos. The benefits can be documented progressively year to year as the aspen grows.

Aspen Regeneration - Before & After

Second growth Douglas fir has invaded vast areas of the rocky mountain west. When the fir encroaches in to traditional aspen stands it competes for water and sunlight. Eventually the fir wins the battle and the aspen dies. This unfortunate occurrence reduces the available food and habitat to all species. The cause is lack of fire and disturbance. One can identify this phenomenon by searching the forest floor for the “bones” of aspen trees that have expired. Fortunately the root systems are still in place, just waiting for the sunlight and moisture required.

If you are a land manager or property owner who is concerned about this event occurring on your land and want to do something for wildlife, give us a call and we can schedule an on the ground consultation.

Cost per acre is dependent on many factors. For example: steepness of the ground, how thick the second entry Douglas fir or white fir is, access, location etc.












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